Central Bhutan



There is a great variety of people, architecture and scenery in central Bhutan. It is drained by two major rivers: to the west, the Mangde Chhu flows and to the east, the Central Bhutan Chhu drains four culturally rich valleys before joining The Mangde Chhu. The Black Mountains separate Western Bhutan from Central Bhutan. Central Bhutan is known for its buckwheat and apple production, its sturdy stone houses, and monasteries. Its the ideal place for walking due to its broad valleys and sloping mountains. The beauty of the Central Bhutan valleys are legendary.


Central Bhutan is believed to be the first part of Bhutan to have been inhabited, with evidence of prehistoric settlements in the Ura valley of Central Bhutan and the southern region of Khyeng. One of the most important of these kings was the 8th century Indian Sindhu Raja of Central Bhutan, who was eventually converted to Buddhism by Guru Rinpoche.


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