Planning a trip to Bhutan ?

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Planning a trip to Bhutan ?

Book holiday packages for Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Nepal & India at Best Price

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Bhutan Airlines


Druk Air

Druk-Air – the airlines of Bhutan

Druk-Air is the only airline that operates from Paro in Bhutan to Bangkok in Thailand, Calcutta & Delhi in India, Dhaka in Bangladesh and Kathmandu in Nepal.
There are 05-flights a week from Bangkok to Paro flying via Calcutta & Dhaka (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and back to Bangkok on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. There are two flights a week from Delhi and Kathmandu to Paro (Monday & Thursday) and also back to Delhi and Kathmandu on Monday and Thursday during summer and during the winter and spring season, Druk Air flys to Delhi and Kathmandu from Paro on Wednesday and Sunday.


We will assist you in preparing the Druk-Air sectors, purchasing and sending you the Tickets.
Druk-Air is the only airline operating in/out of Bhutan and has a limited sector of operation and that too only on certain days of the week, this makes planning an itinerary complicated, for example Mr. X wants to arrive to Bhutan from Bangkok to Paro on Tuesday and there is no flight so we have to suggest he arrive on Wednesday when Druk-Air operates and similarly for departures. And this usually increases or decreases the duration of an itinerary for a client. The airline is a BAE 146 and has only 72 seats. Getting a seat during March/April/May & September/October/November is difficult so send you bookings early.

Alternative Air-Passage

1. Druk-Air is the only way of access by air and operates in and out of Paro (2 hours from Thimphu).
2. You can also arrive or depart by road from the Southern district of Phuntsholing (6 hours from Thimphu) and then 4 hours to Siliguri in India. At siliguri there is the Bagdogra Airport (12 km away) and has flights to Calcutta/Delhi/Bombay on alternative days or you can further go to Darjeeling (3-4hours). If you arrive from Phuentsholing our services start there.
3. Which ever you select it is compulsory to use druk-air minimum one-way if not roundtrip.

Ground Arrangements – Package cost

The daily tariffs given above are applicable per tourist per night halt in Bhutan. On the day of departure, the local agent's host obligation shall be limited to breakfast only and any extra requirements shall be payable on actual basis.

The tariff is inclusive of charges for Accommodation, Meals, Land transport within Bhutan, Services of guides and porters, Supply of pack and riding ponies and cultural

The tariff shall apply uniformly irrespective of locations, seasons and the type of accommodation provided/asked for.

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